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The name Mabalingwe was reshaped from the Tswana word “mabala” meaning spot and “ya ingwe” meaning of the leopard and today the leopards still roam free on the reserve. Mablingwe’s Predator Park started with only 3 lions and grew to more than 10 different predator species with the support from people like you. We believe conservation is based on the very basic principle of respect for animals and creation.

The money generated from our Predator Park goes straight into the conservation efforts on Mabalingwe. Managing wildlife comes with a big responsibility and we put in a great deal of efforts to understand the ecology, biology and genetics in order to cater for the general welfare of every animal. All of the animals are monitored and have registered microchips with their DNA profile on record according to SAPA’s rules and regulations.

You may ask why the animals are kept in enclosures and not free roaming? The short answer is to protect them. Once an animal is removed from their natural habitat it can be difficult to reintroduce them, especially territorial animals but we are not giving up to make that dream a reality.

Most of them come from extreme backgrounds due to the actions of humans and we had the chance to save them just in time. Although some of them were hand raised, we still treat them with the needed fear and respect they deserved. We believe that it only takes one person to a population of predators in need of a helping hand to make a difference.

What we do

Boschpoort Safaris saves wildlife through education, conservation and action to bring awareness to the decline of large carnivores in Africa and by inspiring people to value nature.

Why we do it

Boschpoort Safaris breed for relocation purposes to one day release the animals back to their country of origin and help restore the balance in wildlife diversity.

Get Involved

There are a lot of debates about conservation so please feel free to ask any questions or raise any concerns that you may have. We would like to be part of a community of farms and game reserves that support conservation and want to make a significant impact on the future of our wildlife.

Free educational sessions for school groups can be arranged.

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Proud Members of SAPA

In 2018, we joined the South African Predator Association. “The South African Predator Association (SAPA) intends to coordinate and promote the interests of its members with the view of establishing and maintaining a healthy and profitable predator breeding and hunting industry in congruence with national and international conservation principles and current national and provincial legislation.” We face many obstacles in the war to protect our wildlife. Canned hunting and the lion bone trade are only few examples and you can learn more about it from us or visiting SAPA’s website at:

Our Values
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity


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